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Get Real Girl empowers girls.

We empower girls to be true to themselves. Get Real Girl provides positive, strong role models for girls. We promote healthy, active lifestyles and self-esteem.
Get Real Girl is an alternative that inspires activity, adventure, and diversity for today’s girls.



Four multi-ethnic Get Real Girls, that play different sports, and have their own passports and their own travel adventures. They have realistic proportions, authentic sports clothes and gear, and are fully-articulated, so the girls can stand on their own two feet. Get Real Girl action figures are 21st century role models for today’s girls.



Get Real Girl is authentic, genuine, and aspirational. Our belief is the girls are adventurous at heart and can be inspired to play and to succeed.

Get Real Girl will include a range of engaging content including blogs, games, passports, and horoscopes.

Times have changed, but today’s dolls are stuck in the past. Parents want the positive, strong role models that their daughters need. Finally, there’s a genuine doll for today’s girl.


The Get Real Girl team are parents with toy experience, committed to achieving healthy lifestyles and better outcomes for girls around the world. Founder Michael Cookson is a former CEO of Wham-O, co-founder and chairman of Wild Planet Toys, and co-founder and CEO of Aviva Sports.


Introducing Get Real Girl through strategic PR, social media, and viral marketing campaigns

With the demographic of millennial Moms raised under Title IX, our mission is more resonant than ever before. We’re moving ahead with product development in 2017, and are currently forming a stellar advisory board of leading women’s sports organizations and some of the top women athletes in sport today.



Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks to everyone who helped us exceed our funding goal!

Watch the GRG Kickstarter Campaign video:

$44,305 pledged of our $40,000 Kickstarter goal!

243 backers participated in our Kickstarter Campaign!

Exceeding our goal re-affirms our belief that Get Real Girl’s time has come. We are thrilled with the amazing support we’ve gotten from both the Kickstarter community and female athletes like super star soccer player, Brandi Chastain, Joanna Lohman, Yael Averbuch, and Olympic gold medalist snowboarder, Kaitlin Farrington, who also joined our advisory board.

We were struck by the huge wave of engagement and support from Moms, Dads, teachers, friends, family, and ex co-workers… support from a range of folks – artists, psychologists, neuroscientists, Nickelodeon actors, fellow doll inventors, chefs, entrepreneurs, awesome bloggers, and the list goes on and on! Thank you ALL!

Let’s move forward to celebrate and empower girls and embrace diversity. Dare to be Great, Dare to Differentiate, and Dare to Make a Difference!